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Phone tracking software

Thanks to the phone tracking software we are able to record outgoing and incoming calls.

A to Z of Phone Tracking Through Software

If you like watching spy movies and would like to feel yourself like a real spy monitoring and tracking other people’s actions and calls. Good news! That is already something which can be done today.

Phone tracking software

Phone tracker has improved by leaps and bounds across the years. Now once installed, they are virtually undetectable – invisible to the user and hard to discover without proper anti-spyware applications. Also, tracking systems have increased the ease at which you can monitor the tracked device – texts, calls, pictures and more can be downloaded into your account for detailed analysis if necessary.

As society moves into a ‘smart’ one, our reliance and usage of phones have increased dramatically over the years. With it comes its fair share of boons and banes. Convenience of online shopping and instantaneous communication is balanced out with incidences of cyberbullying and private information hacks. How do we protect those we care about in an increasingly connected world? Some parents have turned to phone tracking to keep tabs on their child, using it to monitor their child’s well-being and safety as the grow up.

What Can Be Tracked on a Phone?

Text Messages and Calls

Software in market now allow the recording of outgoing and incoming calls. Short Messaging Service (SMS) trackers also allow for easy tracking of all texts, as well as messages sent and received by the person. All pictures in the device will also be pushed into your online account for tracking.

Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp

As more online messaging apps spring into existence for people to connect with others around them, this feature allows you to monitor most of a person’s communication on popular messaging channels – Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp being the top 3 most popular online messaging apps globally. Photo, video and audio files exchanged via these mediums can be automatically saved into your personal computer as well.

Phone Tracking Through Software

Tracking of conversations and activities can ensure parents are privy to what their child is watching, talking about and sharing with their friends – helping them to stay current as well keeping abreast of potential dangers their child might be exposed to.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

The GPS tracker will show you where the tracked individual is at any given time; this tracker pinpoints location with Wi-Fi signals, cell towers and GPS to determine an accurate location of the device.

Parents can use this function to check on their child during the day, especially during the commute back home from school.

Front Camera Photo Tracking

This uses a combination of the call and SMS trackers to take a quick picture using the front camera once the screen is unlocked. A feature that allows you to check on when your child is perhaps using his/her phone – in the middle of lessons or after school as previously agreed. It can also give you a snapshot of who your child hangs out with after school, if you are worried about bad company.

SIM Card Replacement

A notice is triggered if the device’s SIM card is removed. Tracking remains unaffected even without the SIM card and notifies you when the SIM card is switched back.

With all these tracking functions, it is no surprise then that you can actually track someone down in detail to where they are and what they are doing – especially as society moves to a technology-reliant one. Not sure how to get started? Most android spy apps are easy to find online, complete with installation guides and deactivation of the tracking function can be done remotely online fuss-free.

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